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Carol’s Christmas Food Tips

Carol’s Christmas Food Tips

It’s a Christmas Carol! Get some top foodie tips from our Managing Partner…

Carol plays many crucial roles here at the farm being a Managing Partner/Administrator and working in the kitchen, farm shop and outside – especially with the Christmas Trees this time of year! We asked Carol what her top foodie tips are…

Tell us your Top Tips for using produce from the Sharnfold Farm Shop…

1 – Kale is such a good food. Remove the stems and finely slice the leaves, steam for 5 minutes, then add to a curry, omelette, stir fry etc. It’s equally as good as a separate vegetable.

2 – Use any of our Happy sausages to make a delicious winter warming casserole. Just add the veg of your choice (e.g. onion, carrot, squash, peppers, tomatoes)!

3 – I also use Sharnfold Mincemeat when making my own mince pies for Christmas! Here’s a quick guide to making your Mince Pies look really Christmassy…

  • Crack open a farm shop egg into a bowl and get a brush ready
  • Roll out your puff or short pastry
  • Cut equal squares out (the bigger the easier to make!)
  • Take a square and slice a line from each corner diagonally into the middle – but not all the way to the middle (leaving a space the mince meat in the middle)
  • Drop a dollop of Sharnfold mince meat into the middle
  • Brush each corner of the pastry with the egg
  • Turn every other half cut corner into the middle on top of the mince meat
  • Do this to every half cut corner and secure with a rolled up piece of pastry on top!

Here’s Lorraine Pascale showing you exactly how to do it… But she makes the mistake of not using Sharnfold Mince Meat!!!

What is your favourite item from the shop/butcher?

The chicken from Arlington supplied to Sharnfold by Michael Vine is just the tastiest, and there are so many dishes you can make with chicken!

What do you do outside work?

Most of my spare time is spent gardening, walking and doing Pilates. I also enjoy catching up with family, especially my new baby grandson Sean.

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