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Olive Branch

Olive Branch

Our great November Supplier of the Month is Olive Branch. They produce Cretan vinegars, olive oils and jarred olives.

We had a Q&A session with the co-founders Maria Koinaki & Kamil Shah to find out more about the brand and their yummy products!

Why did you decide to start up Olive Branch?

“We launched Olive Branch in the summer of 2011 by turning Maria’s father’s olive oil into a brand. Maria has been living in the UK for some years and her mother would send us big parcels of her father’s olive oil each year after the harvest had just completed. We often have friends over for dinner and we noticed that people kept commenting on our olive oil and many even asked where they could buy some. This inspired us to turn Maria’s father’s olive oil into a brand and Olive Branch was born. Our vision for the business is to allow people in Britain to enjoy the fresh flavours and beautiful ingredients that Greece has to offer.”

Have you always been passionate about food?

“Definitely so. We enjoy cooking a variety of cuisine and a definite passion for us is to fuse different ingredients together. With Olive Branch, we have searched Greece to find the best quality ingredients to combine with our own olive oil as we create our product recipes. One thing is for sure; our love of food and cooking definitely comes out as we’ve put our own unique touch onto the traditional recipes.”

You seem to have a very clear message about educating people about the benefits of olive oil, how do you go about this?

“Olive oil is steeped in history and its several millennia of usage has meant that unlike other oils, there is plentiful evidence about its composition and the health benefits it carries. As such, a lot of care has gone into its production guidelines, whereby certain procedures must be followed and tests carried out to guarantee the resulting oil is “extra virgin”. It is the result of these procedures that the final product will be rich in nutrition and flavour so it is important for us to communicate the process behind making good olive oil, how to store the oil and what to look for when tasting oils. We carry out our education by communicating directly with consumers such as attending many of the big food events around the country as we find that this direct communication is the most effective way for us to spread the joy of fresh olive oil!

There are a lot of misleading claims about olive oil being pushed by producers of other oils, who themselves have adopted terminology that is particular to olive oil production but has no actual meaning for their oil. This runs the risk of confusing the consumer without any real ground so for us it is very important to promote the facts behind what makes true and good olive oil so the several millennia of history and impact of peoples diet can be heard, preserved and enjoyed for all.”

What do you enjoy most about your job?

“We have put a lot of effort into creating something new and different so the biggest enjoyment comes when we present our products and seeing peoples faces light up when they taste our creations. Our Chunky Olive Tapenade for example was in development for 2 years as we strived to create the perfect recipes – we sold early versions at London’s award winning Brockley Market and developed these into the final versions you see today! The feedback we’ve received has been overwhelming and consumers are amazed at how they can use our Tapenade for everything from creating Instant Guacamole to stuffing Portobello Mushrooms. This keeps us going and the enjoyment we see from people enjoying our products will continue to encourage us to create more as we continue our journey.”

Like what you see? We have a great offer on for this month only (November 2015) – Buy 2 or more Olive Branch products and get 20% off! (excludes gift packs). You can also view their website for more information.

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